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Yamada looked at his watch. 3 p.m. Still a good time to go to an amusement park. Beautiful, bright colors and gigantic rides welcomed him. Every person that he saw were smiling and laughing; thus why he felt left out because he was the only one who felt anxious and heartsick.

"How I wish Yuto and I were here together, laughing and smiling like these people but, here I am, finding out if he's going out with another girl." Yamada thought and then glanced at the back to check on the others. Daiki's eyes met his and Daiki saw sweat rolling over his friend's delicate face. He mouthed an 'are you okay?' to Yamada and he nodded the liveliest that he could.

"I need to get a grip of myself. I don't want to worry them. They've been worried about me more than enough already." Yamada muttered to himself.

They stopped in front of a small fast food chain and Hikaru immediately walked in front of the group, "Okay guys, this will be done quickly if all us search separately. Pick whoever you like to be with except for Yabu," he told the last part without thinking. His eyes widen and his face went pink when he realized what he just said, "I mean, like you know, because Yabu is tall like me, easier to search with." he scratched his head whilst forcing himself to laugh, then he peeked at Yabu and found him trying to conceal his laughter.

"Calm down, we get it. What's making you so frantic?" Yabu slightly teased.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Keito followed, clueless.

"No, nothing. This guy just wants to go to the other guy's close side again because he pissed him off earlier." Inoo clarified while chuckling and Yuya elbowed him. 'what?' he mouthed and Yuya replied with a 'shh'.

Keito was still confused so he was about to ask again but Chinen pushed him farther away from the group while forcefully saying, "Come on now Keito, let's go go go!" over and over to let go of the topic.

When the two were far away enough Keito realized their four other friends, "Wait, what about Yamada and the others?" he gasped.

"I'm sure Yama and Dai partnered up and vice versa." Chinen said with a smug look.

"Any news yet?" Yamada asked the other members in the group call while wiping beads of sweat rolling on his precious face.

"Not yet. Guessing from your question, you haven't seen him as well," Yabu responded.

"No signs of a tall guy with a large adam's apple here too," Yuya chimed in.

"Same. Keito and I already covered everything in this part of the amusement park. Where should we go next?" Chinen asked.

"Hmm. Yama, have you and Dai finished checking there?" Yabu asked.

Yamada replied, "No, this part is bigger than what we thought." He was looking at the big map and circling his fingers over their location.

"Okay, Team Chinen, go to their location. Yama, stay put there and go rest for a bit." the oldest decided.

"No it's okay, I can look around more," Yamada argued. He doesn't want to work up the other members. He thought that the members have been doing more than enough for him and that he should be the one who should exert more hard work because it was his problem.

"Yama," Yabu cut in with a sigh and then continued, "Just stay where you guys are for a bit. It'll be easier for Chinen and Keito to find you both." he softly said.

"Okay.. We will." the small member was defeated. He paused for a bit to prepare for what he wanted to say ever since they were in his apartment, "Um, guys, thank you."

"For what?" Yuya asked first.

"For this, helping me. I'm sorry as well if I said something wrong." Yamada answered.

"Yama, it's okay. We know you don't mean any harm and besides, aren't that's what friends are for?" Chinen reassured him.

"Don't worry, Yama. We'll find them soon. Just rest there for awhile." Yabu reassured his friend as well and everyone in the group call agreed. A tear escaped Yamada's eyes and he immediately wiped it. He is greatly thankful that he has these wonderful friends who are always there to help and support him. For the first time in a while, he truly smiled.

"Yama?" Yuya's line said; he was wondering why Yamada wasn't talking.

"Oh uh n-nothing. Thank you guys again. Please tell Hika, Keito and Inoo too." Yamada stammered then a sniff came out.

Yuya chuckled, "No worries. I already told Inoo and he was like, 'Thank you for what? Tell him don't worry about it.'"

"I already told Keito too and he said, 'don't mention it!'" Chinen exclaimed.

The oldest member informed the members in the phone call, "Actually, Hika can hear you." then Yamada suddenly heard Hikaru shouted, "Don't cry!"

"See," Yabu cut in while laughing and the touched member turned pinkish,

"I'm not crying!"

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