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"How was it?" Daiki looked up from the bench he was sitting and Yamada sat beside him,

"No signs of Yuto yet. Yabu said we should stay put first because Chinen and Keito are coming here soon,"

"Ahh, I see. Chinen and Keito finished that fast, eh?" Daiki answered while he watched two kids running around in front of them. He continued to talk, "Remember when we were just that old? I mean, you guys because I am older than y'all." Yamada nodded and Daiki resumed talking, "I can't believe it's been years. I remember when we were just running around like idiots." myriad of memories filled his mind and he couldn't help smiling.

"Yeah, but don't we still run around like idiots?" Yamada joked and Daiki laughed. Yamada out of the blue recollected all the memories he has with Yuto. Yuto taking pictures of him, Yuto playing video games with him, Yuto screaming like a fool, Yuto imitating a ballerina, Yuto telling his secrets to him and vice versa, Yuto eating lunch with him, Yuto's face whenever he looks at Yamada; the list is endless. Gradually his memories began to make him sad.

"Yama?" Daiki shook his friend's hand, "Oiiii are you alright?" he asked.

Finally, Yamada escaped the storm of memories; he blinked and looked at his friend who was shaking his hand earlier. Daiki understood Yamada's confusion by his expression so he gave him the answer, "You weren't responding to me and your expression started to look sad."

"Oh" that was the only thing that Yamada could say.

Daiki looked at him in the eye, "Did you think about Yuto?" he asked carefully. Yamada gulped and then nodded. "If you want to cry, just cry. It'll help you feel better." Daiki comforted him.

"No, it's alright," Yamada weakly smiled and looked at Daiki's face, "Daiki, thank you."

"Hm?" Daiki responded.

"For helping and supporting me. You guys are always there no matter what happens. I really thank all of you a lot." Yamada answered and for the the second time, smiled genuinely.

A chuckle escaped Daiki, "Don't mention it Yama." he looked at Yamada and the two smiled together.

After a few moments Daiki broke the silence enveloping them, "I'm thirsty so I'm going to buy a soda. You want anything?" he asked and as always, Yamada answered, "Anything strawberry-flavored."

Daiki chortled, "Thought you'd say that."

"I can't even count how many times I've already retried this." Yamada said under his breath. Ten minutes have passed but Daiki or Keito and Chinen hasn't or haven't come yet. He was sending messages to his group but all he could receive were notifications that said that his messages couldn't be send. He can't go to the place where he talked to the other members on the phone because if Daiki and the others found him not where he was supposed to be, it would make the search harder. "Ahhh this stupid signal! Time is wasting!" he screamed in frustration and scratched his head vigorously, but, unexpectedly, a familiar voice talking to the kids who were playing in front of them earlier stole his attention,

"Share them with your friend, okay?" the voice said.

Yamada peered at the tree that was acting as his hiding place to the lot that was talking. He descried a tall guy with black hair handing his favorite drink to one of the kids. It was Yuto.

"Ehhh but I love strawberry! I can't share strawberry juice with other people," the little boy with the black t-shirt replied with tears in his eyes.

Yuto chuckled in surprise, "You remind me of someone."

"It's okay nii-chan! He can have the strawberry juice. Besides, I won a big lollipop earlier." the other kid wearing a blue t-shirt said suddenly.

"Ehhh?! You didn't tell me!" the strawberry lover kid yelped.

"Well if I told you you'll force me to share it with you so nope!" the blue shirted kid laughed mischievously and stuck his tongue out.

"You're unfair Yue!" the kid complained, tears on the verge of escaping.

"No way! At least now you can drink your precious strawberry juice completely!" The blue shirted kid who was named Yue soothed his friend.

The strawberry lover kid became embarrassed and stroked the back of his head, "Oh.. right hehehe." but his embarrassment quickly disappeared when his curiosity triggered, "But where did you eat it? We were together the whole time but I didn't see you eat it." he asked.

Yue gulped then looked at the ground, searching for the right response, "I-I still have it! I hid it somewhere safe from any damage or people!" he stammered and wiped his sweaty hands on his pants.

The strawberry lover kid was satisfied by Yue's queer answer, "Ehhhh you're weird, Yue. Nii-chan, thank you for the juic--" he was interrupted by his friend's nudge,

"There is someone watching us behind the tree over there." Yue said, eyes big like an owl's. The

two searched for a suspicious looking person and Yuto spotted a guy lurking behind a big tree.

"Go now," Yuto softly said to the kids who were tensed.

"But nii-chan," the two kids argued and Yuto looked at them without any trace of edginess,

"It's okay, nii-chan is the tallest and the strongest, he can defeat everything." he reassured them. The kids might have found their role model, their worried looks instantly turned to faithful looks, "Okay.. Thank you nii-chan and take care!" the two said in sync and ran away.


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