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Try listening to: Run Boy Run • Woodkid

An orchestra began to perform inside Yamada's stomach, "Oh shit did he see me?" he muttered to himself. Unknowing what the hell should he do, he hastily pulled his feet on the bench, reclined on the tree, hugged his knee and closed his eyes. Every footstep created by Yuto made Yamada quiver, like he transformed into a bottled water and someone was furiously shaking it to the footstep's beat. Yamada's heart was stuck in his throat when the footstep finally stopped.

"Should I run? Should I just reveal myself? Oh God help me." he thought while cold sweat formed on his forehead.

Yuto reached the bench and was surprised at what he saw, a tiny brunette guy tightly closing his eyes while hugging his knees.

"Ryosuke?" the tall boy called.

Yamada gulped, "Act like you still know nothing, Yamada" he commanded himself then opened his eyes; he was welcomed by the sunshine above Yuto's head. He couldn't see Yuto's face clearly because of the sun ray but he could see his outfit which was a white v-neck shirt underneath a blue unbuttoned polo and blue jeans. He was about to internally flail over Yuto's outfit but was immediately struck by the heavy situation he was in; thus, he put his acting mode on and the moment turned into a drama worthy scene.

Yamada gasped, "Oh, Yuto! Didn't know you were here."

It was futile to lie in the first place but still, he was hoping that Yuto wouldn't think that it was suspicious. Much to the dismay of Yamada, Yuto didn't buy whatever he said,"What are you doing here? Weren't all the members hanging out in your apartment right now?" he probed.

Yamada put down his legs, stood up and laughed what might be his best acting laugh, "Well, we were but I was like, 'Hey, I'm in the mood to go to an amusement park. You guys up for it?'"

Yuto's brow furrowed and he sighed, "Ryosuke, I know you're lying."

Cold air blew the leaves above them and Yamada shivered; he perceived that the back of his shirt was soaked by his sweat.

"Speak idiot, speak!" everything inside of him shrieked in unison and he gulped to stop his throat from becoming dry. Finally he stared at Yuto's eyes and sighed, "Why didn't you tell us?" he said faintly.

"Tell you what?" Yuto looked at Yamada's soft cheeks; it was white as snow.

Yamada clutched the hem of his t-shirt and took a deep breath. He was in the verge to answer but a girl's voice intruded him.

"Yuto-chan! Where are you?" the girl gushed.

Yuto disrupted their intense gaze and scoured around, "Oh, Hotaru! Over here!"

Yamada couldn't feel his legs, all blood inside him evanesced, "Hotaru? Is that the girl's name? Oh no, I'm about to witness my nightmare." he thought, panic rising fast like a firework that was just lighten up.

"Oh right, I think I haven't introduced Hotaru to you yet, Ryosuke." Yuto told him. He was so chill back, no signs of uneasiness or any awkwardness, which made Yamada snap,

"How can you be so damn calm?!" he shrilled. He doesn't care about everything anymore, about people that maybe there at the moment and maybe looking at them, at what Yuto might think or the girl might think. The only thing he wanted to know was the answer to his scary questions.

"Huh?" the tall boy asked, totally clueless by what Yamada just yelled.

"Aren't you here with her for a date or something?" Yamada asked without any flinch.

"Wait what? Ryosuke did you just think I'm going out with her?" Yuto asked, taken aback by what the brunette asked. He continued talking, "She's my fourteen year old cousin!" he exclaimed.

Yamada was utterly speechless. "Fourteen? What.." he thought but then remembered something, "But I heard in the phone call that you two were going to the ferris wheel thing for couples?"

Hotaru coughed then went red, "I-I lost a game with my friends and they dared me to take a pic when I'm at the zenith of the ride."

"W-what.." Yamada replied weakly; he was as red as a cherry.

"That ferris wheel has one of the best views in the country. I've been experiencing guys making a move to me since a month or so and I'm uncomfy about it so I wanted to go with a guy, so like.. You know, they can think it's my boyfriend. I didn't know who to call so I asked Yuto-chan to come with me." the girl got redder as she explained it to Yamada.

Yamada went stiff, as if he became a statue. He was so embarrassed by everything about this. So embarrassed he covered his cherry-colored face with his hands and looked down.

"I'm sorry," Hotaru looked at the brunette in front of her that was covering his face because of pure embarrassment.

Yamada took his hands away from his face and looked at her face, "No, don't be. It was my mistake." He realized that they were at the same height, "Is she tall or I'm just.. really.. short." his mind said.

"I should leave you two alone to talk. I'll look for some signal for awhile and call my friends." Hotaru informed them and Yamada thanked and apologized to her.


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