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The two were left alone underneath the huge tree. The tall boy was looking down on the short brunette boy. Two seconds, three seconds, four seconds. No words came out of their mouths. Finally after a few moments Yuto gave in and stepped toward Yamada, cupped his red face with his hands and took a deep breath. As always, Yamada smelled like his favorite fruit, strawberries. Yamada looked into Yuto's mesmerizing face with a sort of clueless but nervous look. Yes, nervous, because his heart was pounding hard at what Yuto was doing.

Yuto gulped then finally spoke, "I'm sorry,"

"Even you... You don't need to. I am the one who got ahead and didn't even trust you. I'm the one who should say that. I'm really sorry," he gazed sincerely at Yuto's eyes.

"No, it's okay. I should have told you guys the reason why I came here before arriving here. I was texting you guys to say that I couldn't come but the signal here sucks so bad it just kept my messages fail." the tall boy explained and caressed Yamada's face unconsciously; he was getting caught by Yamada's adorable cheeks. Yamada noticed the caressing and crimsoned more every single time Yuto stroked his cheeks gently.

"You're blushing hard right now," Yuto chuckled.

"What?!" Yamada shrilled and jumped out of embarrassment and surprise; he almost tripped but he grasped a part of Yuto's shirt.

"Oops be careful! You're too small so you might get stomped if you fell," Yuto teased him then chuckled.

Yamada's brow furrowed, "Rude!" he shrieked and hit Yuto faintly.

"Oh look at the sight we have here," a familiar voice interrupted and the two looked at the source of the voice. They turned their heads to the left and saw their friends' amazed and pleased faces six steps away from them.

Yamada paused because he didn't know what to say or react, but after a second or two roused from his surprise, "What took you guys so long to come here?"

"There was a big parade on the main street and it was hard to move because it was hella crowded. Luckily, we all found each other on the way. We spotted Dai last though when we were almost here," Yuya explained then drank his soda.

"It was crowded in the main street but you didn't forget to buy soda eh." Daiki teased while laughing then handed Yamada his strawberry drink. Yamada was a bit shocked because he almost forgot it.

"Wrong. You forgot about my savior backpack." Yuya replied cheerfully then showed his back to let his friends see his huge backpack.

"Dora, where's our map?" Inoo joked and his friends let out a laugh.

After the laughters have dissipated Yabu finally asked the two, "So, everything's alright with you guys?"

The two nodded and Yamada said, "It was just his cousin." his embarrassing moments earlier didn't even bother him anymore. He was just utterly glad and thanked the heavens that it wasn't what he was expecting, nothing broke the connection that he and Yuto cherish.

Their friends were surprised for a bit then laughed it all off. It didn't become a big thing to them because they think that as long as nothing made their two friends sad, it was all okay. Nothing matters as long as their friends are happy.

• author's note •

Hi there and thank you so much for reading this fanfiction! This story has been by far the longest that I've made. I'm happy haha. I hope you enjoyed this story! Please leave some feedback, it would mean a lot to me and help me become better with writing. :)

And oh, if you did the music playlist thing I set, I hope you like them! (And that they really fit the chapters lol.)

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