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Pairing: YutoYama (And some YabuHika, TakaIno and OkaChii and more AriYama friendship lol. :3)
A bit angst and fluff?? Not sure lmao.

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Try listening to: Dear. • Hey! Say! JUMP

The two were left alone underneath the huge tree. The tall boy was looking down on the short brunette boy. Two seconds, three seconds, four seconds. No words came out of their mouths. Finally after a few moments Yuto gave in and stepped toward Yamada, cupped his red face with his hands and took a deep breath. As always, Yamada smelled like his favorite fruit, strawberries. Yamada looked into Yuto's mesmerizing face with a sort of clueless but nervous look. Yes, nervous, because his heart was pounding hard at what Yuto was doing.

Yuto gulped then finally spoke, "I'm sorry,"

"Even you... You don't need to. I am the one who got ahead and didn't even trust you. I'm the one who should say that. I'm really sorry," he gazed sincerely at Yuto's eyes.

"No, it's okay. I should have told you guys the reason why I came here before arriving here. I was texting you guys to say that I couldn't come but the signal here sucks so bad it just kept my messages fail." the tall boy explained and caressed Yamada's face unconsciously; he was getting caught by Yamada's adorable cheeks. Yamada noticed the caressing and crimsoned more every single time Yuto stroked his cheeks gently.

"You're blushing hard right now," Yuto chuckled.

"What?!" Yamada shrilled and jumped out of embarrassment and surprise; he almost tripped but he grasped a part of Yuto's shirt.

"Oops be careful! You're too small so you might get stomped if you fell," Yuto teased him then chuckled.

Yamada's brow furrowed, "Rude!" he shrieked and hit Yuto faintly.

"Oh look at the sight we have here," a familiar voice interrupted and the two looked at the source of the voice. They turned their heads to the left and saw their friends' amazed and pleased faces six steps away from them.

Yamada paused because he didn't know what to say or react, but after a second or two roused from his surprise, "What took you guys so long to come here?"

"There was a big parade on the main street and it was hard to move because it was hella crowded. Luckily, we all found each other on the way. We spotted Dai last though when we were almost here," Yuya explained then drank his soda.

"It was crowded in the main street but you didn't forget to buy soda eh." Daiki teased while laughing then handed Yamada his strawberry drink. Yamada was a bit shocked because he almost forgot it.

"Wrong. You forgot about my savior backpack." Yuya replied cheerfully then showed his back to let his friends see his huge backpack.

"Dora, where's our map?" Inoo joked and his friends let out a laugh.

After the laughters have dissipated Yabu finally asked the two, "So, everything's alright with you guys?"

The two nodded and Yamada said, "It was just his cousin." his embarrassing moments earlier didn't even bother him anymore. He was just utterly glad and thanked the heavens that it wasn't what he was expecting, nothing broke the connection that he and Yuto cherish.

Their friends were surprised for a bit then laughed it all off. It didn't become a big thing to them because they think that as long as nothing made their two friends sad, it was all okay. Nothing matters as long as their friends are happy.

• author's note •

Hi there and thank you so much for reading this fanfiction! This story has been by far the longest that I've made. I'm happy haha. I hope you enjoyed this story! Please leave some feedback, it would mean a lot to me and help me become better with writing. :)

And oh, if you did the music playlist thing I set, I hope you like them! (And that they really fit the chapters lol.)

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Try listening to: Run Boy Run • Woodkid

An orchestra began to perform inside Yamada's stomach, "Oh shit did he see me?" he muttered to himself. Unknowing what the hell should he do, he hastily pulled his feet on the bench, reclined on the tree, hugged his knee and closed his eyes. Every footstep created by Yuto made Yamada quiver, like he transformed into a bottled water and someone was furiously shaking it to the footstep's beat. Yamada's heart was stuck in his throat when the footstep finally stopped.

"Should I run? Should I just reveal myself? Oh God help me." he thought while cold sweat formed on his forehead.

Yuto reached the bench and was surprised at what he saw, a tiny brunette guy tightly closing his eyes while hugging his knees.

"Ryosuke?" the tall boy called.

Yamada gulped, "Act like you still know nothing, Yamada" he commanded himself then opened his eyes; he was welcomed by the sunshine above Yuto's head. He couldn't see Yuto's face clearly because of the sun ray but he could see his outfit which was a white v-neck shirt underneath a blue unbuttoned polo and blue jeans. He was about to internally flail over Yuto's outfit but was immediately struck by the heavy situation he was in; thus, he put his acting mode on and the moment turned into a drama worthy scene.

Yamada gasped, "Oh, Yuto! Didn't know you were here."

It was futile to lie in the first place but still, he was hoping that Yuto wouldn't think that it was suspicious. Much to the dismay of Yamada, Yuto didn't buy whatever he said,"What are you doing here? Weren't all the members hanging out in your apartment right now?" he probed.

Yamada put down his legs, stood up and laughed what might be his best acting laugh, "Well, we were but I was like, 'Hey, I'm in the mood to go to an amusement park. You guys up for it?'"

Yuto's brow furrowed and he sighed, "Ryosuke, I know you're lying."

Cold air blew the leaves above them and Yamada shivered; he perceived that the back of his shirt was soaked by his sweat.

"Speak idiot, speak!" everything inside of him shrieked in unison and he gulped to stop his throat from becoming dry. Finally he stared at Yuto's eyes and sighed, "Why didn't you tell us?" he said faintly.

"Tell you what?" Yuto looked at Yamada's soft cheeks; it was white as snow.

Yamada clutched the hem of his t-shirt and took a deep breath. He was in the verge to answer but a girl's voice intruded him.

"Yuto-chan! Where are you?" the girl gushed.

Yuto disrupted their intense gaze and scoured around, "Oh, Hotaru! Over here!"

Yamada couldn't feel his legs, all blood inside him evanesced, "Hotaru? Is that the girl's name? Oh no, I'm about to witness my nightmare." he thought, panic rising fast like a firework that was just lighten up.

"Oh right, I think I haven't introduced Hotaru to you yet, Ryosuke." Yuto told him. He was so chill back, no signs of uneasiness or any awkwardness, which made Yamada snap,

"How can you be so damn calm?!" he shrilled. He doesn't care about everything anymore, about people that maybe there at the moment and maybe looking at them, at what Yuto might think or the girl might think. The only thing he wanted to know was the answer to his scary questions.

"Huh?" the tall boy asked, totally clueless by what Yamada just yelled.

"Aren't you here with her for a date or something?" Yamada asked without any flinch.

"Wait what? Ryosuke did you just think I'm going out with her?" Yuto asked, taken aback by what the brunette asked. He continued talking, "She's my fourteen year old cousin!" he exclaimed.

Yamada was utterly speechless. "Fourteen? What.." he thought but then remembered something, "But I heard in the phone call that you two were going to the ferris wheel thing for couples?"

Hotaru coughed then went red, "I-I lost a game with my friends and they dared me to take a pic when I'm at the zenith of the ride."

"W-what.." Yamada replied weakly; he was as red as a cherry.

"That ferris wheel has one of the best views in the country. I've been experiencing guys making a move to me since a month or so and I'm uncomfy about it so I wanted to go with a guy, so like.. You know, they can think it's my boyfriend. I didn't know who to call so I asked Yuto-chan to come with me." the girl got redder as she explained it to Yamada.

Yamada went stiff, as if he became a statue. He was so embarrassed by everything about this. So embarrassed he covered his cherry-colored face with his hands and looked down.

"I'm sorry," Hotaru looked at the brunette in front of her that was covering his face because of pure embarrassment.

Yamada took his hands away from his face and looked at her face, "No, don't be. It was my mistake." He realized that they were at the same height, "Is she tall or I'm just.. really.. short." his mind said.

"I should leave you two alone to talk. I'll look for some signal for awhile and call my friends." Hotaru informed them and Yamada thanked and apologized to her.

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Try listening to: Keep Holding On • Avril Lavigne

"How was it?" Daiki looked up from the bench he was sitting and Yamada sat beside him,

"No signs of Yuto yet. Yabu said we should stay put first because Chinen and Keito are coming here soon,"

"Ahh, I see. Chinen and Keito finished that fast, eh?" Daiki answered while he watched two kids running around in front of them. He continued to talk, "Remember when we were just that old? I mean, you guys because I am older than y'all." Yamada nodded and Daiki resumed talking, "I can't believe it's been years. I remember when we were just running around like idiots." myriad of memories filled his mind and he couldn't help smiling.

"Yeah, but don't we still run around like idiots?" Yamada joked and Daiki laughed. Yamada out of the blue recollected all the memories he has with Yuto. Yuto taking pictures of him, Yuto playing video games with him, Yuto screaming like a fool, Yuto imitating a ballerina, Yuto telling his secrets to him and vice versa, Yuto eating lunch with him, Yuto's face whenever he looks at Yamada; the list is endless. Gradually his memories began to make him sad.

"Yama?" Daiki shook his friend's hand, "Oiiii are you alright?" he asked.

Finally, Yamada escaped the storm of memories; he blinked and looked at his friend who was shaking his hand earlier. Daiki understood Yamada's confusion by his expression so he gave him the answer, "You weren't responding to me and your expression started to look sad."

"Oh" that was the only thing that Yamada could say.

Daiki looked at him in the eye, "Did you think about Yuto?" he asked carefully. Yamada gulped and then nodded. "If you want to cry, just cry. It'll help you feel better." Daiki comforted him.

"No, it's alright," Yamada weakly smiled and looked at Daiki's face, "Daiki, thank you."

"Hm?" Daiki responded.

"For helping and supporting me. You guys are always there no matter what happens. I really thank all of you a lot." Yamada answered and for the the second time, smiled genuinely.

A chuckle escaped Daiki, "Don't mention it Yama." he looked at Yamada and the two smiled together.

After a few moments Daiki broke the silence enveloping them, "I'm thirsty so I'm going to buy a soda. You want anything?" he asked and as always, Yamada answered, "Anything strawberry-flavored."

Daiki chortled, "Thought you'd say that."

"I can't even count how many times I've already retried this." Yamada said under his breath. Ten minutes have passed but Daiki or Keito and Chinen hasn't or haven't come yet. He was sending messages to his group but all he could receive were notifications that said that his messages couldn't be send. He can't go to the place where he talked to the other members on the phone because if Daiki and the others found him not where he was supposed to be, it would make the search harder. "Ahhh this stupid signal! Time is wasting!" he screamed in frustration and scratched his head vigorously, but, unexpectedly, a familiar voice talking to the kids who were playing in front of them earlier stole his attention,

"Share them with your friend, okay?" the voice said.

Yamada peered at the tree that was acting as his hiding place to the lot that was talking. He descried a tall guy with black hair handing his favorite drink to one of the kids. It was Yuto.

"Ehhh but I love strawberry! I can't share strawberry juice with other people," the little boy with the black t-shirt replied with tears in his eyes.

Yuto chuckled in surprise, "You remind me of someone."

"It's okay nii-chan! He can have the strawberry juice. Besides, I won a big lollipop earlier." the other kid wearing a blue t-shirt said suddenly.

"Ehhh?! You didn't tell me!" the strawberry lover kid yelped.

"Well if I told you you'll force me to share it with you so nope!" the blue shirted kid laughed mischievously and stuck his tongue out.

"You're unfair Yue!" the kid complained, tears on the verge of escaping.

"No way! At least now you can drink your precious strawberry juice completely!" The blue shirted kid who was named Yue soothed his friend.

The strawberry lover kid became embarrassed and stroked the back of his head, "Oh.. right hehehe." but his embarrassment quickly disappeared when his curiosity triggered, "But where did you eat it? We were together the whole time but I didn't see you eat it." he asked.

Yue gulped then looked at the ground, searching for the right response, "I-I still have it! I hid it somewhere safe from any damage or people!" he stammered and wiped his sweaty hands on his pants.

The strawberry lover kid was satisfied by Yue's queer answer, "Ehhhh you're weird, Yue. Nii-chan, thank you for the juic--" he was interrupted by his friend's nudge,

"There is someone watching us behind the tree over there." Yue said, eyes big like an owl's. The

two searched for a suspicious looking person and Yuto spotted a guy lurking behind a big tree.

"Go now," Yuto softly said to the kids who were tensed.

"But nii-chan," the two kids argued and Yuto looked at them without any trace of edginess,

"It's okay, nii-chan is the tallest and the strongest, he can defeat everything." he reassured them. The kids might have found their role model, their worried looks instantly turned to faithful looks, "Okay.. Thank you nii-chan and take care!" the two said in sync and ran away.

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Try listening to: Carousel • Melanie Martinez

Yamada looked at his watch. 3 p.m. Still a good time to go to an amusement park. Beautiful, bright colors and gigantic rides welcomed him. Every person that he saw were smiling and laughing; thus why he felt left out because he was the only one who felt anxious and heartsick.

"How I wish Yuto and I were here together, laughing and smiling like these people but, here I am, finding out if he's going out with another girl." Yamada thought and then glanced at the back to check on the others. Daiki's eyes met his and Daiki saw sweat rolling over his friend's delicate face. He mouthed an 'are you okay?' to Yamada and he nodded the liveliest that he could.

"I need to get a grip of myself. I don't want to worry them. They've been worried about me more than enough already." Yamada muttered to himself.

They stopped in front of a small fast food chain and Hikaru immediately walked in front of the group, "Okay guys, this will be done quickly if all us search separately. Pick whoever you like to be with except for Yabu," he told the last part without thinking. His eyes widen and his face went pink when he realized what he just said, "I mean, like you know, because Yabu is tall like me, easier to search with." he scratched his head whilst forcing himself to laugh, then he peeked at Yabu and found him trying to conceal his laughter.

"Calm down, we get it. What's making you so frantic?" Yabu slightly teased.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Keito followed, clueless.

"No, nothing. This guy just wants to go to the other guy's close side again because he pissed him off earlier." Inoo clarified while chuckling and Yuya elbowed him. 'what?' he mouthed and Yuya replied with a 'shh'.

Keito was still confused so he was about to ask again but Chinen pushed him farther away from the group while forcefully saying, "Come on now Keito, let's go go go!" over and over to let go of the topic.

When the two were far away enough Keito realized their four other friends, "Wait, what about Yamada and the others?" he gasped.

"I'm sure Yama and Dai partnered up and vice versa." Chinen said with a smug look.

"Any news yet?" Yamada asked the other members in the group call while wiping beads of sweat rolling on his precious face.

"Not yet. Guessing from your question, you haven't seen him as well," Yabu responded.

"No signs of a tall guy with a large adam's apple here too," Yuya chimed in.

"Same. Keito and I already covered everything in this part of the amusement park. Where should we go next?" Chinen asked.

"Hmm. Yama, have you and Dai finished checking there?" Yabu asked.

Yamada replied, "No, this part is bigger than what we thought." He was looking at the big map and circling his fingers over their location.

"Okay, Team Chinen, go to their location. Yama, stay put there and go rest for a bit." the oldest decided.

"No it's okay, I can look around more," Yamada argued. He doesn't want to work up the other members. He thought that the members have been doing more than enough for him and that he should be the one who should exert more hard work because it was his problem.

"Yama," Yabu cut in with a sigh and then continued, "Just stay where you guys are for a bit. It'll be easier for Chinen and Keito to find you both." he softly said.

"Okay.. We will." the small member was defeated. He paused for a bit to prepare for what he wanted to say ever since they were in his apartment, "Um, guys, thank you."

"For what?" Yuya asked first.

"For this, helping me. I'm sorry as well if I said something wrong." Yamada answered.

"Yama, it's okay. We know you don't mean any harm and besides, aren't that's what friends are for?" Chinen reassured him.

"Don't worry, Yama. We'll find them soon. Just rest there for awhile." Yabu reassured his friend as well and everyone in the group call agreed. A tear escaped Yamada's eyes and he immediately wiped it. He is greatly thankful that he has these wonderful friends who are always there to help and support him. For the first time in a while, he truly smiled.

"Yama?" Yuya's line said; he was wondering why Yamada wasn't talking.

"Oh uh n-nothing. Thank you guys again. Please tell Hika, Keito and Inoo too." Yamada stammered then a sniff came out.

Yuya chuckled, "No worries. I already told Inoo and he was like, 'Thank you for what? Tell him don't worry about it.'"

"I already told Keito too and he said, 'don't mention it!'" Chinen exclaimed.

The oldest member informed the members in the phone call, "Actually, Hika can hear you." then Yamada suddenly heard Hikaru shouted, "Don't cry!"

"See," Yabu cut in while laughing and the touched member turned pinkish,

"I'm not crying!"

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Try listening to: Harder to Breathe • Maroon 5

Seven pairs of shocked, big eyes stared at Yamada, "A girlfriend?!" the group shouted in sync.

Yamada felt like somebody drained all the energy he has with a high-end vacuum, he could hardly nod at his friends.

"How did you know?" Hikaru questioned, not leaning on the wall anymore because of the surprising news.

"There was this guy in the background saying 'Welcome to Tokyo Ferris Wheel of Love' something like if you rode there, your relationship will blossom," Yamada stopped elucidating for a moment to suppress a somewhat sob that was forming out, "And then I heard a girl's voice calling him by his first name with a 'chan' and telling Yuto that it was finally their turn."

His friends' mouths became the shape of a letter O and the room turned to silence, as if it became a graveyard. All of them know that Yamada loves Yuto, and not in a friend way but in a romantic way. In fact, they were sure that any time soon their two friends would be together. The group constantly thought that Yamada and Yuto's eyes, face, and everything about them scream the word "love" whenever they see each other.

"And then what happened?" Keito asked, choosing the words he wants to say carefully.

"He told me that he needs to go and he will talk to me later. He ended it so quickly I couldn't even say 'bye' to him." Yamada replied; his heart sinking to the memories he recalled.

"For me, I'm not sure that Yuto has a girlfriend." Yabu reassured the small anxious guy standing a table away from him.

Yamada then looked at him with apace, his eyes searching for hope and packed with questions that need answers, "Why?" he asked.

"We're not with them, we're not in the," Yabu paused for a second, "Tokyo Ferris Wheel of Love," he said in a voice of a middle-aged man talking in a radio show, in a bid to lighten up the mood of the room.

Hikaru then walked toward the sofa and sat beside Yabu, "I think so too," he joined in.

Yamada looked at them and did his best to smile properly but what came out was a weak smile. What they said helped him but it didn't completely solved his overwhelming feelings.

"Hey, I just had an idea," Inoo told the lot out of the blue and everyone looked at him.

"Yeah?" Yuya said while moving to another comfortable position on the chair that he was sitting on.

Inoo coughed then said, "I'm not really sure about this but what if we go to that ferris wheel place?"

"What?" Hikaru, Yabu and Chinen asked at the same time, flustered.

"It was just an idea!" Inoo replied straightaway.

"It's kinda a good idea but don't you think that we're going to invade their privacy? And," Keito took a break and looked around the room as though he can find the right words to say in the ceiling and other random places, "I'm also uncertain that that girl is really Yuto's girlfriend but what if.. They are really.. A thing? I don't want Yamada to get hurt again." He then looked at his heavyhearted friend.

"Thanks, Keito," Yamada answered and smiled but later on his expression turned serious again, "But a big part of me wants to find it out too. I'll be restless if I don't get any concrete information," he sighed.

"I don't think you should go there right now." Yabu said with a certain but soft look.

"But what if they aren't together? I need to see it with my own two eyes!" Yamada retorted. His legs felt like gelatin to him so he sat on the armchair that was facing his back; thus, he was facing the two old members completely.

"Are you sure that you want to see them?" HIkaru asked him without any speck of nonsense.

"I am not one hundred percent sure but I want to. I can't take not knowing what is happening to them." Yamada answered, heart sinking lower. He unconsciously gulped to erase the uneasiness in his chest.

Hikaru stared at Yamada eye to eye, "But what if the worst case scenario is really there?" He was trying to act bold in front of him but deep inside he was also sad at what was happening.

There was a lump in Yamada's throat, "I," he hesitated then gathered his courage, "My world will turn to smithereens but I treasure and care about Yuto's happiness more."

Hikaru nodded in reply. He wanted to hear those words from Yamada, wanted to make Yamada realize that even if he loves Yuto, what always matter is his happiness. "We can go there for a bit to see it for ourselves." Hikaru told them and Yabu yelled Hikaru's name, "Are you insane? I don't want to see Yamada hurt. Do you want to see him hurt?" he said without any pause to breathe.

A receptacle that was holding Hikaru's emotions cracked a bit, "Of course not! But can't you see how badly hurt he is even by just being unaware of what's happening to the two people there? And even if you stop him, you know he'll still go anyway."

Yamada flinched at the last part because it was true, even if they stopped him he'll still go but he absolutely don't want the two older members to fight, "Guys, please. I don't want to see you two getting into an argument just because of me. I know all of you are trying to help. I don't know If I'm doing the right thing but I can't endure this," he began to choke on his words, "Images of him and a girl keep popping in my head, it's like drilled in my brain while a part of me is hoping that I'm misunderstanding all of this. I need to confirm it or else I will lose myself." he said while trembling.

The members were surprised and ached by what he said. Yamada seldom talks about his emotions to people but when he does, he mostly talks about it with Yuto or, like what was happening, with the other members. The two young members gathered beside him. Chinen and Keito sat on both sides of the armchair and then Daiki followed; he went at the back of the chair and patted his friend on the back.

Yabu broke the stillness that was again invading the room, "If you're going, we will come with you."

"No, it's okay. I can go there by myself," Yamada replied right away.

"This is not a question, Yama, it's a statement. We are going with you." the older member retorted.

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Try listening to: Doubt • Twenty One Pilots
(For a nicer reading experience?)

The doorbell rang and Yamada went out to greet whoever was outside the door. When he reached the entrance and opens it, he saw Yuya smiling like a child. He was wearing a black shirt, a silver dog tag necklace and cargo pants while carrying a backpack that looked like it might give up anytime soon. He greeted so loud that everyone inside Yamada's apartment heard his voice.

"Hey," Yamada greeted back and shook his head to the direction of his backpack, "What's with the huge backpack?" he asked.

"Oh, you know, I bought more food." Yuya answered, stressing the last two words.

Yamada chuckled and Yuya stepped inside the house, then the both of them walked toward the living room where their other friends were, laughing and throwing each other throw pillows that they could get their hands on. Everyone settled down when Chinen saw the two come in to the room, "Woah Yuya, big backpack you got there." he greeted.

"Let me guess, your mom's rice balls or just a bunch of junk foods, or both?" Inoo asked while walking around Yuya and pretending to have a magnifying glass in his hand.

"Both." Yuya grinned and sat on an armchair near the television then the both of them laughed.

"Yuto isn't here yet, is he?" Yamada suddenly asked the group in the middle of the room whilst looking around to find the tall guy; his knees faintly bumping the coffee table.

Yabu sat on the sofa in front of the coffee table. The sofa was on the other side of the table so the table was acting as a gap between him and Yamada, "Not yet. Have you called him?" he asked with a worried look.

"Yes, but he's not answering it. I messaged him as well and saw that he read it but he hasn't replied. I just guessed that he was still busy preparing to go out but almost an hour has already passed and he isn't here yet." Yamada replied with a look of annoyance and concern.

"I called him a little while ago too but he didn't answer," Hikaru updated them while leaning on the wall, admiring the side profile of Yabu sitting on the sofa that was four steps away from him.

"Hmm," Keito chimed in from the other side of the room, "That's weird. Let's call him again and if he doesn't answer, let's call his house," he suggested.

Daiki who was standing beside the window immediately informed the group that he'll call Yuto at that moment, shaking his phone to bring emphasis to what he said.

Seconds that felt like months to Yamada passed by and finally, Yuto picked up. "Yuto!" Daiki exclaimed and everyone except for Daiki looked at each other. "Where are you?" he continued and waited for Yuto to answer but when the other line was finished explaining, Daiki couldn't understand his answer clearly.

"Huh? I can't understand what you're saying because your answers get interrupted. A wheel? What? Why can't you come here?" he asked louder, guessing that Yuto may not be hearing his voice that well.

Yamada snatched Daiki's phone and put it on his ear, "Where are you? Why aren't you coming? This is the first time in a while that all of us can hang out together and you're not here," Yamada said with a slightly high tone. He was low-spirited but as usual his blueness looked like somewhat annoyance. Some people that may not know Yamada completely might get a bit angry if he talked to them like that but the members especially Yuto understand that Yamada means no harm, he is just not showy of all his emotions.

"I'm really sorry that I couldn't tell you earlier that I can't go--Park right now," the other line said.

Still confused of Yuto's whereabouts because his sentences stop abruptly, Yamada asked him again. Yuto was about to repeat his answer when Yamada's attention caught an enthusiastic voice of a man saying, "Welcome to Tokyo Ferris Wheel of Love! Your relationship will surely blossom if you ride it!" followed by a girl's voice calling Yuto with a 'chan' and exclaiming "It's finally our turn now!" in the background. Yamada clenched his teeth and tried to stop the habitat of his thoughts from thinking horrifying things. He took a deep breath and asked Yuto who that girl was and where he was again but Yuto cut in, "Really need to go now, Ryosuke. I promise--talk to you later." and swiftly ended the call.

Yamada didn't even move an inch, he just looked at the ground while holding Daiki's phone. He was hoping that Yuto might call him any second and tell him that it was all a prank while hearing his euphonious laugh but sadly, he didn't call back. He tried to think that maybe he misunderstood what happened but the toxic thoughts kept on beating his good thoughts, making everything inside of him caught in hysteria.

"Who is that girl? Are they going out? Why didn't Yuto tell me? Didn't we tell each other not to hide anything important? Why did he choose to go there instead of hanging out with us?" his mind and heart screamed.

He didn't notice that the other members were worried of his sudden state and asking him questions except when Chinen finally went in front of him and jolted his shoulders back and forth. Yamada looked at him attempting to show no signs of any emotions but it failed because Chinen still saw that his eyes have a glimpse of melancholy, "What's wrong?" he asked.

Yamada clutched his pants, "Do you guys recall any time where Yuto mentioned a girl? Like going out?" he asked, breathing slow yet hard while digging through the havoc of his thoughts and feelings, searching for any scenario of Yuto mentioning a girl or going out with a girl. The clueless members gave a negative answer.

"Yuto," Yamada paused and took a deep breath, "I think Yuto has a girlfriend."


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